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Without a doubt the most misunderstood issue when it comes to swine nutrition is ENERGY and more importantly DIGESTIBLE ENERGY. We can clear that up with one very unique product. ESP ALCOMP 70-18 is an INSTANT ENERGY product. Immediately upon intake it goes to work. 1 pound of 70-18 has the same energy value of 8 pounds of corn! More importantly, when using 40 pounds of 70-18 per ton in swine diets, we can remove 100 pounds of soybean meal. ALCOMP contains ALCOHOL which is the purest form of energy. When you compare it to other energy sources used in swine diets (choice white grease, soybean oil, dry fat, etc,) it is really not fair.ALCOMP 70-18 does not have to be heated in the winter (ever try to get soybean oil to flow at -20F) Alcomp 70-18 will never go rancidand it has an aroma that swine simply love.

ESP has utilized this product for over 10 years and it is a mainstay in our program. Our customer results using this product allows us to be very up front and truthful in what you can expect when using it.

In Gestation feed it prepares the sow for
the farrowing crate. We have witnessed over 15% better farrowing rates and conception rates when using ALCOMP. It enables better oxygen levels in the blood meaning that every organ is working at its best. In lactation, increased consumption of feed has been tremendous. Quicker starts back to full feed are witnessed and stools are good primarily due to the fact the sow is back on full feed faster, drinking more water,etc.Most importantly at weaning we see over 97% of the sows return to estrus by day 3-5. That is money in your pocket.

Nursery-Grower—Anytime you can remove bean meal from a nursery diet on pigs from 15-50 pounds is a good thing. Baby pigs do not utilize bean meal until they are roughly 70 pounds this is major. Consumption using ALCOMP stays high and pigs move briskly through this stage of their life. On farm test show much less gut issues such as Ileitis and that is a big plus.

As we move through the finishing stages it has proven its value there also. Greater intakes of feed. Higher average daily gain and less days to market when compared to pigs not feed ALOCOMP.

As you can tell — WE ARE ALL IN ON ALCOMP!

ALCOMP 70-18

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