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Goat Show Feed

ESP Special K




ESP Special K is a complete pelleted show goat feed developed by Chris Kellen and ESP Show Feeds. It is a simple, straight forward and economical feed for your goat. Derived from high quality feed stuffs such as alfalfa meal, corn, soybean meal and other products, it is consistent, and goats simply love to eat ESP Special K. Consumption with ESP Special K is unmatched and is important in your daily feed regime. Always fresh and easily available with an outstanding distribution network. It is an alfalfa/corn/soybean meal-based feed with liquid energy source. It includes ammonia chloride and a proper calcium/phosphorous balance to help prevent kidney stones. It is over 16% protein and 4% fat. With the higher fat content, there must be an exercise program in place for Wethers, unless you are creep feeding and want to bloom goats. Feed Wethers up to 1 pound per feeding, twice a day. Feed free choice as a creep feed. For show does, feed 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per feeding, twice a day. Also keep fresh clean water available at all times. This feed is high in energy and works well when "holding" goats. When holding a Wether, feed 1/4 to 1/3 pounds per feeding, twice daily. Monitor condition weekly and adjust feed amounts as needed. 

ESP Special K Go Juice

Go Juice is a high-quality feed supplement for show goats and should be fed at 1 ounce per day. Goats simply love it! Go Juice is an all-natural product of rice bran oil. It is designed to increase appetite in your show animal and give your goat that show ring ready look. Each gallon will provide 128, 1 ounce feeds and comes with a handy 1-ounce pumper. Compare this product to others on the market and you will find it very economical and a must use product for your show animal. Feed what the champions feed - ESP Special K! 

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