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FOCUS along with PASSION, DEDICATION, and HARD WORK breeds success!

Elite 18

ESP 18-4, A complete meal feed designed to be fed to pigs 50-150 pounds. This feed is 18% protein, 1.15% Lysine and 4% fat. Designed to be very palatable, foster greater feed intake and formulated for high growth rate with maximum muscle development. This feed contains ESP Energy 70-18 for added consumption and efficiency in growing pigs. Non-medicated

Elite 16


A complete meal feed designed for a softer, more tranquil growth pattern. This feed is 16% Protein, 1% Lysine and 5% Fat. Using the Main Event Mixer, ESP Liquid Energy and Soy Oil this a very simple but high quality feed that helps give the pigs a fuller, softer fresher look.  NON-MEDICATED

ESP Phase 2 Starter



ESP Phase 2 Starter, has everything your pig needs to accelerate growth and get them starter right! 22% Protein, 1.5% Lysine and 3% Fat, this feed is designed for pigs weighing 15-35 pounds. 

ESP "Lay The Wood" 16-6



ESP "Lay the Wood" 16-6 is complete feed in meal form. We took the Main Event mixer along with ESP ALCOMP 70-18, and then utilized high quality, easily digested proteins such as Spray Dried Whey, Spray Dried Egg, and fully Hydrolyzed Chicken protein. We combined this with the most palatable oil products known to swine nutritionists and made Lay the Wood. It is a very consistent, high intake feed that will allow your show pig to reach all of its genetic potential. A label that reads 16% Protein min, 6% Fat min, and .9 Lysine min. is more than enough quality to get the job done. Most use this feed from 50 pounds to desired show weight, so it is a favorite of retail outlets because it is a one stop shop! 

ESP Ballistic

A power house starter program that boasts 22% Protein, 1.5% Lysine and 7% Fat. A unique combination of high quality, very palatable proteins along with ESP Energy 70-18 to aid in intake and consumption makes it a trendsetter among starter feeds. Also, when fed the last 2-3 weeks before you show, we have seen bigger, fatter tops along with great mass added to the rib and rear flank. So, if you are looking for that feed to get them started right and then lead you straight to the backdrop for your champion photo - look no futher - it has arrived!! 

ESP Main Event Mixer


The Main Event Mixer is the base mix for all of our ESP Show Feeds. It utilizes the highest quality ingredients that drive consumption and intake, allowing your pigs to maximize growth and to reach their full genetic potential. It contains our own high quality premium poultry proteins that pigs just love to eat.  Using high quality ingredients is what really sets us apart! A 100lb inclusion allows you to add your corn, bean meal and energy source for a top of the line, competitive show feed. 

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