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Once upon a time there was product know in the show world as Barrow Booster. We have taken that product and made it better! ESP Enhance has all the ability as a feed additive to boost intake and consumption along with providing a high quality, digestible proteins that will improve muscle tone and shape. It will also aid greatly in high quaity hair and skin in all species. Fed to pigs at 4-8 ounces per day for maximum benefit.



Feeding Instructions:

Feed ESP Enhance at a rate of 4-8 ounces per head per day along with your regular show feed program. ESP Enhance is a feed supplement for showpigs weighing 50-280 pounds. When fed at the rate of 2-8 ounces per day you can expect ENHANCED growth rate, higher feed intake resulting in greater muscle definition and a cristper top shape. As an added benefit ENHANCE does a tremendous job in helping you maintain high skin and hair quailty. 



Contact us with any concerns or questions!

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