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Go Juice

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Go Juice is a high quality feed supplement for show goats and should befed at 1 ounce per day. Goats simply love it! Go Juice is an all natural product of rice bran oil. It is designed to increase appetite in your show animal and give your goat that show ring ready look. Each gallon will provide 128, 1 ounce feedings and comes with a handy 1 ounce pumper. Compare this product to others on the market and you will find it very economical and a must use product for your show animal. Feed what the champions feed - ESP Speical K!



Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Gamma Oryzenal

Guaranteed Analysis: Total Fatty Acids (min) 90%, Unsaponifiable matter (max) 2%, Insoluble impurities (max) 1%, Free fatty acides (% as Olecic Acid) (max) 7%, Moisture (max) 0.50%, Vitamin E (min) 200 IU/lb

Go Juice is a pure and natural product; some of the nutritional components in Go Juice have a tendency to settle to the bottom of the jug. This is a normal and expected. 

Go Juice is pure with no additives to insure freshness we recommend the entire container should be consumed within two months of breaking the seal. Refrigerating opened container may extend shelf-life.


Please contact us with any concerns or issues!

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