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Muscle Maker w/ Paylean

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A great product to aid in the shaping and molding of your show pig. There is simply no other product on the market today that will add muscle shape and daily gain like ESP Muscle Maker. Studies have shown to get the best results using paylean you need: higher protein, added biotin and greater fat levels. ESP Muscle Maker is a 50% protein, 3.0% lysine and 12% fat product and when mixed with 5 ounds of feed delivers 9 gram/ton of paylean. This product is avialble in a 25 pound bag and will deliver 100 - 9 gram feedings. 



A supplement for finishing swine weighing over 150 lbs body weight. For increased rate of weight gain, improved feed effciency and increased carcass leanness in finishing swine, weighing not less than 150 lbs. Feed a complete ration containing at least 16% crude protein for the last 45-90 lbs of gain prior to slaughter. 

Mixing and Feeding Directions:

Mix and blend 4 oz. of Muscle Maker with 5 lbs of complete feed per head per day to obtain a 9 gram concentration of Paylean per ton.  Feed continuously as the sole ration to finishing swine weighing not less than 150 lbs for the last 45 to 90 lbs (group average) of weight gain prior to slaughter.


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