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The Good Stuff

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A highly palatable fat source that pigs simply love to consume. If you are needing added intake and consumption - especially in the hot suummer months - there is no better product that ESP THE GOOD STUFF. Fed at 1 ounce per feeding it will greathly enhance appetite in your show pig. ESP THE GOOD STUFF is a high quality Rice Bran Oil that that is unmatched when needing to increase pounds of feed consumed by your show pig. 




Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil

Guaranteed Analysis: Total Fatty Acids (min) 90%, Unsaponifiable matter (max) 2%, Insoluble impurities (max) 1%, Free fatty acides (% as Olecic Acid) (max) 7%, Moisture (max) 0.50%, Vitamin E (min) 200 IU/lb

The Good Stuff is a pure and natural product; some of the nutritional components in The Good Stuff have a tendency to settle to the bottom of the jug. This is normal and expected.

The Good Stuff is pure with no additives to insure freshness we recommend the entire container should be consumed within two months of breaking the seal. Regrigerating opened container may extend shelf-life.



Please contain ESP with any concerns or questions regarding their products.

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